Press Before Opening

Finbomb Sushi Burrito opening in Midtown

Reno doesn’t need another all-you-can-eat sushi restaurant. Crystal shrimp familiarity has bred long roll contempt (or, at the least, wasabi weariness).

Build Your Own Sushi Comes to Reno

Finbomb Sushi Burrito & Poke Bar is giving Reno a refreshing alternative to the many local all-you-can-eat sushi spots. This unique place is new to Midtown Reno with a trendy new way to get your sushi fix.

New food and drink spots planned for Reno

Here are some food and drink establishments being planned for Reno, as drawn from public records, industry buzz and other sources:..

New Additions For Midtown and Downtown Include Marketing Firm, Restaurants, Puzzle Room

There are quite a few new venues in the pipeline for downtown and Midtown, or just opened. Thanks to Jonathan Wright and ReReno for catching some of these. Here’s a round-up:..

New Reno restaurants and a new bar

It’s spring, the season of beginnings, and in Reno, several new restaurants and a new bar are in various stages of planning and construction. The following highlights have been drawn from public records and other sources.

Recent Media

Poké, pizza, tropics: 3 new Reno restaurants

Finally. After a couple months’ delay (not unusual in the restaurant business), Finbomb Sushi Burrito & Poké Bar recently opened in Midtown Reno. The restaurant occupies the former Aces Tattoo Space at 681 S. Virginia St., at Saint Lawrence Avenue.

The Reno Memo: The eclipse is SO over, say Eclipsters

Whew! We recovered from our eclipse blindness just in time to get the Monday edition of The Reno Memo out the door. Did you know you shouldn’t look directly at the sun? We hadn’t heard anyone mention it to us. Seems like it should have come up at some point.